Three Shoots in Three Hours

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Broadsheet have certainly been keeping me busy these past few weeks and last night was no exception. The bonus prize for this shoot was I got to bring along my partner, Liam, along so had someone to navigate (my GPS alone is often not enough), and a reluctant model.

I love you but I've chosen gelato!

First we ended up at the cute little La Marcelleria Gelateria that just opened in Bowen Hills. It was a little tricky to do justice given the size of the place but it was an enjoyable shoot, mainly due to the fact I got to try some of the chocolate gelato. Also, who knew how deep those pozzetti are (pozzetti are the freezers where they store and serve the gelato from in the shop front)?

The shot I risked a parking ticket for, totally worth it

Next a short drive across the river to South Brisbane and the fresh and light Maeve Wine. Tucked upstairs from a certain American chain coffee shop, Maeve is anything but chain. Its style matches its location, in the heritage listed Queensland National Bank Building. The judicious use of copper, wood and globe lights are reminiscent of an old bank foyer. This is offset by the marble benches and white walls making for a warm but light space that is exceptionally inviting. Whilst you wouldn't know it, the final touches were being put on this place and it still looked elegant and refined.

After the parking ticket I received after my shoot Corella I was nervous that our parking had expired, but not nervous enough to stop me crossing the road to get a final shot of the exterior with the evening traffic moving past.

We made it back the the car and no ticket despite being there five minutes too long. Phew.

The understated Joy exterior

Our final destination was Joy, in the space previously occupied by I ❤️ Brownies. This small, and I mean small, venue is a great concept. Seating only 10 at a time food is prepared individually in front of each diner. Given the size I had to ditch Liam, but he didn't mind finding himself some live music and a cold beer. The space was tight for shooting so my angles were limited but thanks to a particularly accommodating diner at the soft launch I got some really nice shots of the food. Definitely somewhere I will be coming to again, but next time as a diner.

We ended the night with a sneaky piece of New York Slice Pizza, which we ate leaning up against the car. A bit of a contrast to all the amazing places we'd just been. But pizza.

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