Who is Pandora Photography?

Kirsty Sycz is the primary photographer and owner of Pandora Photography. Kirsty is a

modest person, so much so that she can’t bear to write the “About Me” section of her site

for fear of coming across self-important. So she has asked me to do it, me the random

person in the ether.


Although Kirsty has been professionally shooting for six years, her interest in photography 

started much earlier.  At the age of nine Kirsty got her first camera from her grandmother,

and would take innumerable photos of frogs and soft toys, something that thankfully

rarely appears in her current body of work. Whilst she may not look it, this was still in the

time of film so was lucky to have the ongoing support of her family to produce her early

attempts at photography. This was at great expense to her parents in the day of developing

film on a weekly basis with the results being unknown and at times interesting.


Kirsty pursued her photography over the intervening years, learning from her many failures

and successes taking photos of family and friends – another version of frogs and soft-toys I guess? She was able to build on this via completing a Diploma in Photography and many other short courses in other elements of photography and the photographer workflow. Kirsty has developed skills from workshops and experience in real estate, wedding, and birth photography as well as lighting, photoshop and a workshop with Chris Bray.


Kirsty was also lucky enough to have other photographers mentor her along her journey. They showed her many things, both beautiful and sinister, about the world she was throwing herself into.. Kirsty sought work with Broadsheet Brisbane and her love of venue, event and food photography was born. She has photographed so many wonderful venues and people – such as Patience and John from The Grates, fashion icons such as Rachel Burke, Alison Kubler, artist Michael Zavros, Laneway Festival, Professor Ian Frazer; or the time she turned down lunch from Michelin-starred chef Bruno Loubet because she had made “other plans”. Kirsty is able to capture the food and spaces impeccably and with a creative flair rarely seen in this genre of photography. In fact her approachability and openness to all she works with make her a pleasure to work with, impeccably professional, and an amazingly easy to get-along-with human being.


Kirsty was also in a unique situation to be given opportunities to take photos of and in association with the beautiful, talented and creative dancers of Class Act Creative which gave her a unique opportunity to work in close collaboration to produce some of the most wonderful images of dancers (something she does to this day). Whilst she has taken photos with so many amazing dancers one of the most influential was Li Cunxin, author of Mao’s Last Dancer and an acclaimed dancer himself, where she got to photograph him rehearsing for his last performance with The Queensland Ballet. An experience that she describes as a highlight of her journey.


Unlike Kirsty, I cannot delve into deep conversations about style and colour and composition. She can if you want but you can rest assured, what you will get from her is something unique and representative of you and whatever wonderful things you have for her to capture. 


Kirsty is a perfectionist when it comes to her images. Even the smallest job will commandeer exceptional attention. It is doubtful you will find someone so willing to give up their nights, their weekends and days to make sure the images are the best they possibly can. You will only see her for a short period of time whilst the shutter snickers away but she will spend hours with you (well images of you anyway) and what you will get is something as unique as her that reflects you, your family, your dancing, your venue, and your food – just better.

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